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The Process

Ideas and Story Boarding

Pre-Production begins by meeting with our client to discuss first and foremost what they would like to achieve with the proposed video. Is it selling a product or disseminating information, designed to instruct or make people aware?

A client may have very strong ideas or indeed need as much advice from us as possible, either way we can both advise and facilitate.

From this first meeting we can, where necessary, draft a storyboard and a script, choose locations and book make up, stylists and models. Also at this stage we would consider a test shoot if time and budget allowed.

Lights, Camera, Action

Shooting days can vary enormously. A location shoot may be prone to weather delays and the limitations of shooting in or near public spaces. Conversely, filming in our studio spaces is highly controlled.

Either way we have our editor present on the shoot to ensure every element of the storyboard is captured, and also we ensure we have enough people to minimise equipment set up time and maximise shooting time.

It is sometimes even possible to begin location editing as we shoot if there is a very pressing deadline.

Editing and After Effects

This is the point where the whole project begins to take form and shape and as such, knowledge and input from our client here is essential. This is the stage where we produce draft edits which the client are able push and pull with advice on what to change.

The aim is to mould the final visuals into the best representation of the original idea. When this final edit is signed off we delve in to the dark arts of colour manipulation, audio enhancing and After Effects to make the whole thing come alive.


The Wildfire Team

Our History

WHAT’S IN A NAME? A long time ago before we had a name, we started producing viral videos. In terms of computing and social media this was an absolute age ago – when our funny, rude or controversial (often all three) videos would spread through the clanking Internet like wildfire. Well, there’s the name and that age ago was still this century. We’ve come a long way since that time – through the tedium of digital tape based recording, into the glitch ridden era of early memory cards and have emerged into the eye watering sharpness of today’s 4K. As screen resolutions have increased so has our experience and our acquisition of the staff and equipment to produce the perfect result. In Carl Wilson we have a videographer with many years’ experience and a specialist in lighting design. Pete Hibbit brings along his knowledge of location directing and editing skills post shoot and in Paul Hackett, we have the After Effects wizard who can make your production come alive.
If the experience alone wasn’t enough to set us apart, at the hardware end we offer a remote camera crane, 2 metre motorised slider with time-lapse facility, Steady Cam, Auto Prompt, a dedicated green screen stage, and CAA licensed Aerial drone photography. All this within three studio facilities, the largest incorporating a 10m x 8m room set space. We believe that a video production is no longer a unique selling tool but essential. Whether you require a simple web based product overview or a full production broadcast scenario – or you are simply not sure – The Wildfire Team are happy to help.

The Wildfire Team

Carl Wilson

CO-founder, cameras and lighting

Pete Hibbit

CO-founder, editor and music composition

Paul Hackett

Post Production After Effects


Carl Wilson

Carl founded The Wildfire Team with Pete Hibbit as part of an expansion of his hugely successful stills photography business. He brings to the table not only a massive knowledge of photography and lighting but also huge experience in client liaison. He has recently become an exponent of Colodian Wet Plate photography – one of the earliest forms of capturing an image – and is still one of the UK’s top Blues Harmonica players.

Peter Hibbit

Co-founder of The Wildfire Team Pete has a background in music and teaching. He specialises in telling people what to do, or directing as it’s called in the business. In the very early days of Wildfire Pete would sit next to, and instruct a hired editor, but soon realised he had a natural talent for the editing process. His musical knowledge and ability means The Wildfire Team offer bespoke musical compositions for your video. Pete still plays music live and teaches guitar at Bournemouth University.

Paul Hackett

Paul started out working life as a computer programmer before realizing something more artistic was calling him. Forming the Image Republic audio visual company he began specialising in outside productions such as awards ceremonies and conferences. Here he supplied stage sets, sound and light, live editing and after effects as well as producing and directing to boot. Both Carl and Pete would regularly shoot for The Image Republic and so the relationship began. Dubbed the After Effects Wizard he does all the cool stuff that people notice.



The Work of The Wildfire Team


Headway Dorset - Cycle Helmet Awareness Campaign.

We think this film is one of the most important we have ever produced in terms of the goals it was required to achieve. If you are reading this you’ll have an inkling that this is more than just a bike stunt video, but the audience that sees this in schools around the country are shown it with no prior explanation, so the impact of what occurs 4minutes and 25 seconds in, hits hard. (Don’t skip straight there or you’ll ruin it!)

This is a great example to show every element of The Wildfire Team’s talents as we produced not only the film, but conceived the idea and wrote and produced the music, all in house.

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Daytime TV Advert

Due to technical and legal compliance codes broadcast TV adverts are notoriously expensive to produce. Here our client commissioned us to produce a version of a typical Daytime TV ad so they could pass it through focus groups before deciding whether to go ahead.

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Animal Modelling Competition

The Animal Surf Brand is one of our main clients and this video documents a photographic shoot in The Wildfire Team’s Old Bakery studio. Hopeful contestants from all over the country were whittled down to a final few who were invited to take part in a this shoot. Only one could become the new face of Animal. The music was written and recorded by Pete and features our very own Carl Wilson on harmonica.

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Nintendo DS Brain Training spoof with Steve Davis

Nintendo had a major ad running for their Brain Training game featuring Nicole Kidman. For their World Snooker Championship game Wildfire developed this idea for a spoof featuring a very good natured and easy going Steve ‘Interesting’ Davis. If you’re not familiar with the real ad check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcqQ8EyIl_k

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Space and Time Heavy Metal Video Christmas Card

Every year The Wildfire Team produce a video Christmas card for Space and Time media, and every year the ideas for this video – often from the brain of CEO Peter Jones – get wackier. In this particular year they just said “Heavy Metal Rock Video”. The Wildfire Team duly obliged with this arrangement of a classic Christmas song by Pete Hibbit (on which he played bass and drums). The Space and Time team really enjoy letting their hair down (even though they were wigs in this case) as can be seen here.

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Broadview Mobile Awnings

This video for a mobile awning, allowing contractors to work in all weathers uses classic devices to accentuate the positive, The first part where the cowboy contractor cannot operate because of the weather is all washed out, and hand held with a DSLR for that shallow depth of field ‘Horror Movie’ look. When we cut to the guy with his mobile awning we punch up the contrast and vibrancy of the image to indicate that this guy the one you would choose.

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The Wildfire Team Property Show Reel

The Wildfire Team has produced many videos for property companies and this short video is a compilation highlighting all the aspects involved, including our stunning fully licensed aerial drone footage.


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Space and Time Benny Hill Spoof

About the most fun we have ever had making a video, and about the most hard work. The brief was to emulate the Benny Hill comedy sketches from the 70’s with its bawdy humour, sped up action and dreadful jump cuts. An enormous amount of research, planning and post production went into this and included a musical pastiche of the ‘Black Beauty’ theme.

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“The choice of music for your production should never be the last thing to think about”

Very often, after all the visual aspects of a video production are signed off, someone will utter the phrase “So what kind of music are we having on this?” At Wildfire we believe that what you hear is every bit as important as what you see. The mood, style and flow of the visuals are obviously integral to the way the final product is perceived, so why not the mood, style and flow of the music? These decisions should be considered right in there at the first meeting.

Before founding The Wildfire Team with Carl Wilson, Pete Hibbit toured Europe and Japan playing original compositions with his own Rock band and then went on to study Jazz and Composition.

“With my background music is a very important part of what I do at the Wildfire Team. A piece of music can shape an edit and a cut can drive the composition of a musical piece. Either way it is part of the whole and should receive as much attention as the visuals” says Pete.

We can offer advice or our clients are able to suggest what kind of music they would like – often through providing recorded examples – and we can emulate the style and instrumentation, feel and mood to produce a bespoke soundtrack. This produces overall a better finished product, can often save money and – best of all – makes your video produced by The Wildfire Team stand out from the one that simply blankets the visuals in library music. Have a listen to some examples below.

Holwood Debut

This is a classical piece composed by Pete Hibbit. It was written for The Wildfire Team’s video of Holwood, a high end development in the commuter belt just outside London. Recorded in the Wildfire Team’s in house facility and played beautifully by Mark Van Der Poll.

Be Happy Pastiche

Often our clients will have a set piece of music in mind for their project. Sadly just as often, the budget is not available to purchase the licence to use the piece. This is where The Wildfire Team’s skill at compositional pastiche comes in. In this example for a TV ad the client would have liked to use ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ by Bobby McFerrin. Famously this piece used only voice and human percussive sounds, so Pete wrote and recorded this piece using the same techniques. Harmonically and melodically different enough from McFerrin’s to avoid plagiarism (although in the final version we did have to take off the “Be Happy” vocal at the end) but very clear as to the song and sentiment we were alluding to.

Latin Salad

One of a couple of musical sketches Wildfire produced for marketing and design agency Salad, hence the working title of this piece. The brief involved some descriptive words – Colourful, Vibrant, Alive – and so the Latin vibe fitted the bill. A great piano solo by Mark Van Der Poll.

Jungle Salad

One of a couple of musical sketches Wildfire produced for marketing and design agency Salad, hence the working title of this piece. The brief involved some descriptive words – Relax, Aspire, Dream – and so this laid back piece was composed. The drum beat in the last few bars is doubled in speed and pitch and laid over the original beat giving a ‘Jungle Style’ feel, and a long reverb, fretless bass is used as an unusual solo instrument.



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